About the Logo

“Meanjin Gathering”

By Casey Coolwell-Fisher

Meanjin (Brisbane) has always been a place of gathering for ceremonies, trade, sharing of knowledge and conducting business.

This artwork represents people coming together, into Meanjin, having conversations and sharing knowledge.

The circle represents the world, the outer waves signify people travelling and meeting in Meanjin.

The Brisbane River is represented in the centre element and the footprints of the travellers are depicted in the outer waves.

The people (“U”shapes) in the centre, represent a collective of voices coming forward.

The small gathered dots depict the knowledge and communication being shared.

The lines, in the circle signify the branching out and sharing of the conversations into the world.

About the Artist

Casey Coolwell-Fisher is a Quandamooka woman of the Nunukul people from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).

Casey has a creative background in Graphic Design and is the co-founder & artist, alongside her husband Roy Fisher, of CHABOO, a home decor/design business specialising in hand painted Aboriginal art on wooden products and Aboriginal Graphic Design art pieces.